photo (1)“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”  – Margaret Mead

This quote has always served as a mantra throughout my experience with activism. For those in the field of yoga service, it may not seem like it, but we are truly a collective expression of change. Whether we are working in the community- from a grassroots perspective, or at an office- from a grasstops perspective, we are all a part of the unified voice of reason to help ourselves and others through yoga service.

As an expression of our unified voice, and in recognition of April serving as Sexual Assault Awareness Month, we have partnered up with our friends at The Joyful Heart Foundation and on the “NO MORE” campaign- an effort joining people together to raise awareness and end domestic violence and sexual assault.

There are many reasons to get engaged, and begin the conversations that can be difficult to have around sexual violence. All you need to do is identify what resonates with you, where does your passion live? Is it to advocate for domestic violence between partners, or perhaps specifically for men, women, or children that are survivors of assault?

In order to be a catalyst for change at Street Yoga, we make an effort to be informed about how domestic violence is impacting the youth of our society. The Joyful Heart Foundation shares in their resources that “1 in 3 teens experience sexual or physical abuse or threats from a boyfriend or girlfriend in one year.” Our young people deserve to have access to the information and services that will help to keep them safe from this trauma, so we join together to message around this movement of awareness:

Sondra Bloxam, SY Outreach Director: I am saying NO MORE because our young people deserve healthy relationships

Hilliary Black, SY Program Director: I am saying NO MORE because domestic violence as young adults can cause trauma that a person might struggle with for many years to come and impact a lifetime of relationships.

Jennifer Scheib, SY Intern: I am saying NO MORE because we all have a right to feel safe as we move through our day.  I say NO MORE for the survivors in my family.  I say NO MORE

Ivy Mer, SY Trainer: I am saying NO MORE because it is time that we live in a world where people aren’t constantly living in fear. Fear that they are not good enough , unlovable , a commodity or a piece of property.

Jessica Osberg, SY Interim Director of Operations: I am saying NO MORE because everyone deserves the right to life, liberty and security of person. 

Daniel Flynn, SY Executive Director: I am saying NO MORE because everyone deserves the right to full self-expression while being totally safe.

Stephanie Toby, SY Director of Operations: I am saying NO MORE because too many people experience sexual assault and domestic violence, and everyone deserves to feel safe and loved.



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