Help Us Train The Next Generation Of Trauma-Informed Yoga Teachers!


Street Yoga is looking for a passionate, highly motivated, highly organized person to lead Street Yoga’s Trauma-Informed Yoga Trainings. Street Yoga builds capacity in youth through yoga and mindfulness to overcome suffering and cope with trauma. We accomplish this in two ways: 1) Offering trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness classes at organizations that serve youth who have experienced trauma, and 2) Equipping professionals who work with youth with trauma-sensitive tools for integrating yoga and mindfulness into their work. Our yoga and mindfulness classes take place in the greater Seattle area.. Our training program is international—we hold trainings across the United States and outside the country in Canada, England and Germany.

Street Yoga is headquartered in Seattle, WA.  We do not require Trainers to live in Seattle– candidates located in the midwest, south and east will be considered first.  

Street Yoga trainings are held on weekends, travel is required.  Candidates must hold a valid driver’s license and be at least 25 years of age.



The Street Yoga Trauma-Informed Yoga Training offers an inspiring and heart-felt introduction to the field of service yoga for youth experiencing adversity.  The densely-packed 14 or 16 hour training focuses on a wide-variety of practical, hands-on skills needed to serve youth with yoga and meditation in the real world.  The trainings covers topics and tools for adapting yoga for students with histories of trauma, such as: communicating effectively, maintaining safety in the classroom, promoting healthy boundaries, choosing postures and exercises, handling challenging behaviors and situations, and collaborating with agencies.



The Trainer will provide high-quality, professional training services at the times, dates and locations specified by Street Yoga using Street Yoga’s Trauma-Informed Yoga Training Curriculum.  The Trainer will professionally represent the Street Yoga brand while serving as an important liaison between Street Yoga and members of the communities we serve.  

Trainers will deliver up to 16 hours of programming and training over the course of a weekend or scheduled Training Event.  Locations for Training Events will vary and will require travel within the United States, and occasionally outside the country.  Training Events are capped at 30 participants.



Trainings held on weekends.  

Exact times subject to change; typical trainings run 4 hours on Friday nights, and 6-7 hours on Saturday and Sundays.  A few hours before and after each training are required.

Contract Trainers lead minimum 4 trainings per year.



Executive Director



Training Manager



Before the Training Event:  

  • When Street Yoga Training Manager  gives permission, the Trainer will make travel arrangements consistent with Street Yoga’s reimbursement policies.
  • Trainer makes arrangements to pick up training certificates, evaluation surveys, merchandise and other supplies necessary for the trainings.  Trainer transports these items to the Training Event.
  • Trainer makes contact with the training host regarding training logistics.


At the Training Event:

  • Trainer will arrive on site at the scheduled Training event at least 30 minutes early to check in training participants and to attend to any remaining details necessary for ensuring the Training Event proceeds as scheduled.
  • Trainer begins and ends the training on time and otherwise adhere to the advertised schedule, as well as provide training related services and meet all course objectives within the time allotted.
  • Trainer will distribute and collect participant training evaluations, and distribute signed training certificates for everyone who completed the Training requirements per Street Yoga’s training policy.
  • Trainer will remain at the Training Event site for up to 60 minutes following each training session to respond to questions and concerns, ensure a clean space, and provide for the presentation and sale of Street Yoga merchandise.  


After the Training Event:

  • Following the conclusion of a Training Event, Trainer will provide after-training support to participants including, but not limited to, responding to email, circulating requested resources, distributing group photo, and answering follow up questions posed by participants.
  • The Trainer will be available for a 30-minute follow up meeting with Street Yoga staff at which point both Trainer and Street Yoga will discuss how the  Training Event went and what, if any, changes or adjustments Trainer should make to improve the quality of our programming for future events.
  • Trainer will also document requests for information to assist Street Yoga with development of program updates and support services.
  • Trainer will invoice Street Yoga for their training fee, travel reimbursements and supplies within five business days of the Training Event.



  • Commitment to Street Yoga’s mission, social justice, and yoga service work
  • Ability to clearly and effectively communicate on a variety of topics related to Street Yoga’s work: Yoga for Trauma, Yoga for Youth, Trauma-Informed Care, Adverse Childhood Experiences, Trauma and Brain Development, Benefits of Yoga and Mindfulness, Kids Yoga Games, etc.
  • Minimum 2 years of experience teaching to medium sized groups of adult learners (15-30 people)
  • Minimum 2 years of experience practicing yoga
  • Minimum 1 year of experience teaching yoga
  • Minimum 2 years experience of working with the populations Street Yoga serves
  • Dependable, flexible, punctual, strong work ethic and service oriented
  • Strong public speaking and facilitation skills
  • Capacity to hold space and create a safe learning environment for up to 30 people from various backgrounds and experiences
  • Knowledge and understanding of various learning styles
  • Willing and able to use your personal computer, phone and mode of transportation for work
  • Willing and able to pay for Training Event Travel Costs until the Street Yoga Training reimbursement is ussed after the Training Event is held
  • 25 years of age or older
  • Hold a current, valid driver’s license



  • Candidates with 5+ years experience teaching yoga to the populations Street Yoga serves will be considered first
  • Candidates with 5+ years experience of leading yoga or trauma related trainings (or relevant equivalent) will be considered first



Street Yoga contract Apprentice Trainers will observe one Training Event, and co-teach two Training Events before being considered for the Contract Trainer position.  



Street Yoga reimburses Apprentice Trainers $400 for observing a training, and $600 for co-teaching a training.  Street Yoga reimburses Apprentice Trainers for lodging, travel and per diem according to Street Yoga’s travel reimbursement policy.

Street Yoga Contract Trainers receive $1200-$1600 per training (determined by number of Training Event Participants) and are reimbursed for travel, lodging and per diem in accordance to Street Yoga’s Travel Reimbursement Policy.



Contract Trainers agree to commit to teaching minimum of (but not limited to) four trainings per year.  Street Yoga will work with the Trainer to create an agreed-upon training schedule.  



Street Yoga occasionally offers Trainers the opportunity to do work unrelated to a specific Training Event.  Such work may include, but is not limited to, training other Trainers, revising Street Yoga Curriculum materials, attending staff meetings and performing general administrative or office work tasks.  

Street Yoga will compensate Trainer for this non-Training Event work at a separate independent hourly rate (DOE).

As a contractor Street Yoga Trainers are not eligible for any benefits such as Paid Time Off, Health Insurance or other benefits available to Street Yoga employees.  

Street Yoga Contract Trainers must provide proof of liability insurance by the start date of their first Training Event.


Ready to apply? Please send resume and a brief cover letter to: