Melina Meza

Melina Meza, author of Art of Sequencing

This book tip is one that serves not only yoga teachers but also enthusiasts and dedicated practitioners.  The Art of Sequencing – a yoga instructional, volume 1 by Melina Meza, is one of those must-have essentials that will continue to help you throughout your yoga journey.

Art of Sequencing Book Cover

There is no doubt about the overabundance of yoga guides, manuals or how-to books on the market and it can be hard to sift through the plethora of styles.  One thing I love about the Art of Sequencing, is the simplicity and direct approach to creating yoga sequences that flow effortlessly, with a natural fluidity.  Although you may want books that are specific to anatomy, meditation or the in-depth variations one pose may have, this instructional focuses in on creating a class or practice that is sure to re-energize and inspire.

Almost like a flip-book, the Art of Sequencing will captivate your imagination, allowing you to play out the flow as you view photo after photo.  Even more importantly, Meza categorizes the sequences with your specific goal in mind – such as a shoulder sequence or hamstring sequence.  This approach will imprint miniature flows for you to share with any class purchase adipex needing a specific type of yoga therapy.  As I have mentioned in previous posts, I have dealt with a lot of homeless youth having back pains.  With Meza’s book you can begin to understand the type of series that may provide your youth with the care they need.

Art of Sequencing

From start to finish, each section will carry you through a sequence that can be fun for your home-practice, too.  If you are feeling disconnected or at a loss for ideas, this resource will build your motivation and bring you back to your mat again.  Maybe you have been hesitant about learning Sanskrit yoga terms – no worries, Meza has offered the traditional and Western term under each photo slide for your reference.  With Intro Class variations provided, you can muster up the confidence you need to begin your first home-practice or to serve your first Street Yoga class; the possibilities are endless.

We hope you become inspired to connect with the creativity behind the composition of yoga flow after reading the Art of Sequencing.  If you have already enjoyed Meza’s book, we would love to hear from you below.  If not, what have been some of your yoga sequence or flow resources?