Welcome to the Street Yoga blog segment called GratiTUBE.  Here we feature videos from Vimeo, YouTube and other various sites to inform and inspire through the medium of film.  Selections take a look into the act of yoga service, advocacy, the non-profit sector, teachings, techniques, movements and events, just to name a few.  We hope each video will remind us of our eternal gratitude, encourage compassion and uplift us with inspirations.

By Mith17 & ND Strupler via Flickr

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This edition features a laughter yoga session taught by volunteers in India. The students are homeless youth living on the streets of Mumbai. It only takes a moment before you begin to giggle along with the children in the video, as the power of laughter resonates deep within you – organically and free.  There is a second when suddenly worry, thought or fear fades and the present forms itself into a sound. Just the simple act of laughing opens the 5th chakra and begins to set free, the voice that is sometimes too scared to speak. May you laugh today, and share its healing powers within your yoga community tomorrow.