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The Street Yoga blog is ONE year old after its conception in January of 2011 and its grand opening later in July.  We can’t believe what we have accomplished in one year and how excited we are to bring you even MORE in 2012.  It takes a village to operate Street Yoga, from teacher trainings to events and daily work such as social media or our blog.  We are forever grateful to have so many supporters who are eager to join our journey of yoga service.

As your blog curator, I am trully honored to be a part of such a wonderful venture. Our blog began with a good old “what if” conversation between Stephanie Toby, Seattle Director of Operations and me in a coffee shop. We wanted to share our knowledge of yoga service with others on a weekly basis to provide an online community for our supporters and volunteers with a mission to connect, inform and inspire.  Alice Noyes, our Community Manager based in Portland, eagerly began creating the blog format. With months of emailing, nailing down our blog intentions and creating a design that was cohesive to the Street Yoga website, we finally developed a digital conduit.

In 2012 we strive to provide weekly blog segments, more teacher tips and tricks, volunteer spotlights and raw stories from the street. We hope to cultivate a safe platform for our readers to continue their path of awareness, leadership and self-transformation through the healing powers of yoga and service. By allowing our readers to ask questions, share content and connect with others whom share the same endeavors, we will build an online community that gives. Whether you are in Texas, New York, Seattle or Portland, we want you to join us to bring mindfulness and healing to youth in need everywhere.

In celebration, below are just a few of our favorites from 2011 – with no particular order, here are five posts from five of our bloggers:

 Alice Noyes, Community Manager

The Power of Vulernability

Crystal Southcote, Blog Curator

2 Yoga Speak: Imagine You Are Telling a Story

Jaime Hedlund, Program Manager

3 The Song of the Self

Rachel Sample, Executive Director

4 Creating Partnership through Yoga Service

Mark Lilly, Founder & President

Five Tips for Treating PTSD Effectively