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In recent weeks, the conversation about YOGA is evolving into a mass-media dialogue about the safety of the practice. The New York Times posted an inflammatory but important article: “How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body.” Plenty of opinions have been expressed, both in favor and in shock. I think, as usual, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

Street Yoga teaches that the practice of yoga asana (physical posture) is a means to calm the body and begin to calm the mind. The appeal of exciting strength and flexibility gains can be an enticing gateway to the deeper dimensions of self-transformation and healing.

Here is what our Founder, Mark Lilly had to say:

1) The biggest injury seems to occur when people “force it.” The same would happen with ballet, tennis, football, golf, kung fu. Any personal practice, if done for ego-gratifying reasons, might cause harm.

2) Some people take up yoga for externally facing reasons – to look better or to fit into a certain situation, or simply for exercise. If folks don’t go from that to an awareness that the whole point of yoga is to become more truthful with yourself, and to follow precepts of humility and grace, then there is more likelihood of “force” – self-generated – which can again, cause harm.

3) If one approaches yoga with a high sense of curiosity, and a firm buy generic phentermine 37.5 willingness to accept with gentleness the findings within oneself, yoga is an invaluable practice. It’s not for the timid, or the overly striving, but in the words of Sri Nisargadatta, “if you are truly earnest and honest, the attainment of reality will be yours.” That’s what yoga’s good for, attaining a truthful reality about your self and everything, an understanding of total love and deep interconnectedness. Once you have those simple bits in hand, it’s far easier to decide what to do with the time you have left on this planet.


I also would love to share with you a cherry on top of this dialogue… the luminous Leslie Kaminoff, author of Yoga Anatomy & founder of The Breathing Project in New York.

What do you think? Our NYC sponsor & dedicated yogi blogger, Yoga Dork provides the following information: Complete and Exhaustive Guide: Yoga Community Responds to NYT “How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body”

In my humble opinion…. Yoga for me is an opening. An invitation to a better life. We are called to this practice to grow our hearts, our bones, our capacity for love & wisdom. We are a community, aligning ourselves to the highest Truth, and we make that alignment available to everyone around us. We are joined by our willingness to accept and receive this path.

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