This posting is one in a series of introductions to the stories behind the names and faces that make up Street Yoga.  We’re honored to walk alongside these great public servants, and proud to introduce them to the greater Street Yoga family.  We hope you enjoy hearing more about who they are and what draws them to Street Yoga’s mission to build capacity in youth through yoga and mindfulness to overcome suffering and cope with trauma.


Tell us about yourself: Snoqualmie Falls-01

I’ve got a number of titles, but the most important role in life is being a wife and a mom.  Everything I do, from practicing yoga to running a small business, improves the presence and support I offer my family. Shared family activities are priority #1, but when we’re not together, I’m working diligently on teaching yoga and helping other yogis create their own unique brand to represent their business.  That unique brand is created in a variety of different ways.  It could be photos that show the caring touch of a teacher, a logo that has a lot of meaning and representation or posters that come with a significant story about a workshop. 

My love of yoga and interest in teaching helps me stay connected to the community and the needs of other yogis who are trying to stand out from the crowd.  When I work with people from our community I take our partnership very seriously and do my best to make sure my interactions are both personal and customized to the needs the individual yogi.


What was your inspiration behind Sukha Design and Photography?

Prior to yoga teacher training, I was doing freelance design for small businesses and some family photography. While I was in my 200-hour teacher training, I was approached by an instructor who was disappointed that she couldn’t find any stock images that matched her body type and style of teaching. I discovered that she was not alone in her struggles to create a unique and authentic brand to match her style of teaching. I realized that helping fellow yogis craft their own story and display it to the world was more rewarding than taking family Christmas card photos, so I decided to dedicate my efforts to work specifically with yoga teachers.


Where are your favorite places to take yoga photos in Seattle?

My two favorite places in Seattle are Kerry Park and the Seattle Center. Kerry Park offers such an amazing view of the city and the Space Needle.  With the amazing shapes of yoga poses, you can perfectly frame the entire city within the body of one yogi.  The Seattle Center has so many different places to take photos.  You have the opportunity to take one photo shoot and make it look like you took photos in multiple places:  The loud colors of the EMP, the fountains and lawns, and the various sculptures all create a location dense with rich and unique settings.   No two shoots at the Seattle Center look the same! 


How much impact does yoga have in the design process of creating your logos?

A LOT!  Whenever I feel creatively “stuck”, I like to either spend time on my mat for inspiration or go for a walk where I can take part in a movement meditation.  Additionally, it helps me in my design process if I can practice with the teacher I’m creating something for.  I’m often able to catch something about their practice that can be reflected in an image that a teacher hadn’t realized was a strength.  Whenever my mind is truly blocked and I can’t clear it, I love to find bumblebee breath to refocus my efforts. 


What prompted you to partner with Street Yoga?

I want my business to take an active role in positively progressing the Seattle yoga community, not just a business that tries to capitalize on yoga’s popularity.  I also believe that it’s important for all businesses to dedicate some resources, whether it’s time, money or talent, to improve the community that surrounds them.  It would be so amazing if my contribution the Street Yoga could help market and grow the organization.


Do you have any fun projects you are working on that you’d like to share?

I have several projects in the works right now, I’ll tell you about two that will be coming to life really soon! Starting April 1st I’ll be offering a daily dose of yoga variations.  Each day for one month I’ll post one pose that we all commonly go to and another pose to give you a way to shake things up!  My next project that is coming to life this summer is creative yoga photography sessions.  Through the late spring and summer I’ll be setup at several of Seattle, Portland and Bend’s most iconic locations for yoga photography sessions.  Yogis will be able to reserve a time slot at any of the locations for a 45 minute session, giving them an opportunity to get several amazing photos to market their teaching, post to social media or use on their website.  Of course you don’t have to be a teacher to take part in a photo session!  You can do it just for fun!


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Cover photo by Sukha Design & Photography