NYD 108 photoBoard members Keri Padon and Mihir Desu participated in Street Yoga’s New Years Day 108 Sun Salutation Fundraiser sponsored by Beloved Presents, Yogi Tunes and Causeit.

The event was an amazing success bringing together yoga studios, teachers, and participants from around the city.  Here they reflect on the day.


Keri Padon:

This year’s New Year’s Day was different. This year was exceptionally special—it epitomized the setting of intentions as I, and 120 others celebrated a practice of 108 Sun Salutations (108-sacred number symbolizing the “wholeness of existence” & Sun Salutation: “to bow to the sun”) set our intention in this yoga flow.

keri padon photoAs we bowed, planked, prayed, and shifted on our mats, something deeper was happening—an “Alchemy of Intention”— I was meditating on my intention and aspirations for the New Year; bowing to my path, honoring my spirit. The physical challenge was momentous, challenging, and very rewarding. I suspect the same for my intention.

This year, my intention is to embody truth, light, and compassion; to live with divinity and gratitude; to be a beacon of service and luminosity.  I shared in the event, and in the planning, in service to Street Yoga.

It was a beautiful ritual that will be one of the most significant events for the entire year and beyond—for this I am so grateful.


Mihir Desu:

108 sun salutations: I didn’t realize how many that was until soreness set in the next day. I wouldn’t have had the experience turn out any other way though. Moving to my own drum through the repetition, I got lost in the physical and got the chance to work on the mental.

I came into the day tired and a little irritated having been stuck in the air as the clock struck 12 on New Year’s Day. My Mihir Desuplane had potty problems and we made an emergency landing in Minnesota that added 3+ hours to my travel time. Needless to say, I wasn’t in the best of moods. I got to the event shortly before the sun salutations started and quietly found a space. I didn’t expect the room to become packed but I’m glad it was.

I fed off the energy of everyone in the room to power through the sun salutations. When I arose from my sivasana, despite the 3 hours of physical exertion, I was energized and smiling.

I got a chance to work behind the Street Yoga booth at the event. The many happy faces that I interacted with were so uplifting. We traded Street Yoga stickers for smiles and a couple fabulous attendees blessed us with healing stones. It was a chance to meet people I don’t think I would have encountered otherwise. These interactions continued into an estatic dance session, while I delightfully moved and grooved.

I can’t imagine a better way to start off the new year! Even though I endured some soreness, it was a great reminder of the positive intentions to hold on to in the new year. A wonderful day all around!


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