January 2016 | The Atlantic: Yoga, but Affordable

June 2015 | West Coast Trauma Project’s Trauma Therapist Podcast: Interview with Mark Lilly

June 2015 | Institute of Children, Poverty and Homelessness’s 6.1 issue of Uncensored: The Peace Within

February 2015 | KEXP: Interview with Stephanie Toby

September 2014 | Seattle Yoga News: Street Yoga moving headquarters from Portland to Seattle

August 2014 | Presented by Lululemon on Yoga Journal: Trauma-Informed Yoga for Teens

July 2014 |  Seattle Yoga News: Stephanie Toby brings Yoga to Kids through Street Yoga

June 2014 | Mark Lilly named one of Yoga Journal’s Seva Awardees 

January 2014 | Article in Metro Parent Magazine, page 35

October 2012 | Transparent: Yoga and Everyday Life (Podcast)

January 2012 | Make Someone Happy: Living Your Yoga Off the Mat in Cleveland (or your ‘hood)

December 2011 |  Taking Down Dog to the Street: A Q&A with Stephanie Toby, Street Yoga’s Seattle Director of Operation

November 2011 | Its All Yoga Baby, blogger Roseanne Harvey features Mark Lilly and the upcoming Training in Toronto!

November 2011 | Downward Dog Blog post: Share the Love this Season: Seva – The Best Gift of All

November 2011 | #OmChat: Street Yoga & Yoga Service

November 2011 | Transformative Change: Mark Lilly | Yoga in Sanskrit Mean Service

October 2011 | National Clearinghouse for Families & Youth: Bright Idea: Bringing Yoga to the Streets

July 2011 | Where is my Guru: Special Guest – Rachel Sample, Executive Director of Street Yoga!

March 2011 | Giving Back: How You And The HuffPost Living Community Can Help Struggling Families

February 2011 | Nike employee grant sustains Street Yoga program at North/Northeast schools and organizations as organizers look for more funding

February 2011 | Southwest Portland resident and subject of documentary, Homeless in PDX aims to help others by making another film

January 2011 | The Healing Power of Yoga by Gloria Campuzano

January 2011 | Guitarist to pop music artist Beyonce shares love of yoga with Northeast Portland high school students

December 2010 | Elephant Journal: Street Yoga wants to help you change lives.  By Street Yoga volunteer, Melanie Jane Parker

October 2010 | 8 Limbs Yoga Blog: Street Yoga Stories with teacher Shelly Thorn

May 2010 | Living Yoga Radio: Street Yoga Interview

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August 2009 | NPR: ‘Street Yoga’ Helps Homeless Kids Find Balance

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September 2003 | KP Intranet: Yoga Helps Homeless Teens Get Centered 

August 2003 | Oregonian: Encouraging Self-Respect Through Yoga


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