Street Yoga articles, studies and discussions

  • November 2013 Pilot Study at Ryther Children’s Center in Seattle Washington.  The study hoped to determine if youth who attended the yoga intervention self-reported any change in body awareness and resiliency. Second, the organizations sought to assess the validity of the survey employed at pretest and posttest given a wide age range in participants (6 years old -18 years old). Third, Street Yoga wanted to evaluate the feasibility of a pretest/posttest model for this population given resource limitations.
  • October 2013 phone conversation with Street Yoga founder and teacher trainer Mark Lilly with questions fielded by Daniel Flynn the Executive Director.  This conversation centers on the four types of trauma and their the emotional, cognitive, and spiritual effects on the self along with a discussion on mindfulness.  The conversation concludes with an overview of American Psychological Association’s 10 aspects for building resilience.
  • 2008 article Yoga Therapy in Practice by Mark Lilly and former Program Director Jaime Hedland, published in the International Journal of Yoga Therapy.  This article outlines the rationale and best practices for helping young people recover from the trauma of sexual abuse using integrative and therapeutic Yoga practices.   As a model for such work, the authors describe a specific program, Healing Childhood Sexual Abuse with Yoga.


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