prAna tank top

When searching for a business to support, the yoga community is digging deeper. Creating lasting connections that can influence thousands of children is the driving goal behind the Street Yoga mission. When you purchase a raffle ticket at one of our events for a super soft prAna outfit that provides support and ease, it is similar to throwing a stone into a pond and seeing the ripples extend across the entire body of water. The effect is mesmerizing.

prAna’s upcoming collection for Spring is light, bright, and inspiring. Check it out here »

Feeling the connection that is growing in the yoga community is frankly stunning. The advent of yoga blogs such as Yoga Modern, Mind Body Green, and Elephant Journal create incredible resources for yogis to share the work they do:  experiences of yoga, service, self-inquiry and so much more. prAna is dedicated to being at the forefront of this revolution. Supporting gravity defying Yoga Slackers climbing to new heights and shedding our earthbound ideas, prAna brings that commitment to Street Yoga by donating gear to fundraisers and our programs which are always in need of stretchy clothes (if you have ever attended a Street Yoga Teacher Training then you know all about that!!)

Imagine the work our volunteers do… one teacher visits 5-10 homeless or marginalized youth per week. Those students now have the tools to notice their breath. Notice their emotions. They can begin to speak with a compassionate vocabulary and share that intention with their families, friends, and grow from a place of heart-centered stillness. Not every day is a success. Not every student is open. But if just one of those kids extends their reach beyond the hand that life has dealt them and begins to pave that path for others, then our work is multiplying beyond our wildest dreams.

And we thank you for building those dreams with us.