Portland Yogis, Don’t miss this workshop offered by Street Yoga & Consciousness Activist, Sweethome Teacup.

How should this pose feel? What is lion’s breath? Why do we chant? What about meditation? Deepen your understanding of yoga beyond the hour and a half class.
Sweethome offers Sunday workshops throughout the summer, each an all encompassing two and a half hour practice with asana, pranayama, chant, and meditation. Each session focuses on one specific outer practice of the ashtanga yoga path. Second Sunday of each month. 3-5:30PM.

$20 per session or $70 for all four.


June 10: The Yamas focus on the ethics of being in the world and how we treat others. They are 5: non-harming, honesty, non stealing, use of energy, non greediness.

July 8: The Niyamas are the personal principles of the path and how we treat ourselves: purification, contentment, discipline, self study, and devotion.

August 12: Focus on Asana, or the poses themselves, Sanskrit terms and the cultivation of uniting the body, mind, and breath.

September 9: Pranayama: observing and refining our breath as it is the source of our life.


This workshop is offered through North Portland Yoga. There are many other amazing offerings by Sweethome, I hope you can immerse yourself in learning, experiencing & growing on your yoga path with an abundant teacher of love.