As a yoga enthusiast you have probably Googled the word “yoga” over a hundred times, allowing the web to open up a world of information regarding the subject.  It has probably brought you to blogs, websites, groups, studios, videos and other individuals who have shared yoga on the internet.  Today, I Googled the term and it brought up 375,000,000 results in .39 seconds and reported Canada, Indian and USA as the top countries searching for yoga.  After “yoga,” the phrase “Bikram yoga” is the second most searched yoga term currently Googled, followed by “yoga pants” in third.

Photo by LearningLark via Flickr

With the immense power of digital media, from online videos to Twitter chats or the thousands of web and mobile apps, our day-to-day experiences can be shared globally with a single click. No matter what kind of lifestyle you lead or hobbies you enjoy, there is an online connection designed for you.

For those who partake in the act of service, karma yoga, or just love to support non-profits, digital media offers an even brighter future ahead. With Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and many other social sites – you can find a community that shares your passion and speaks your truth… all for free.  These kinds of resources can be an advantage and have already lead hundreds of people towards one another socially, making our world more aware of causes like Street Yoga.

photo by Erin from The Vintage Chica

Something as simple as Tweeting a new yoga studio you like or sharing a Facebook post about a local yoga event, can spread to ten, twenty, thirty or more inspired minds.  So much of what we know has come from search queries and there is no doubt that some of the greatest relationships formed, began digitally.

There is no limit to your reach and while you could locate a yoga teacher training on a remote island or discover an ancient mantra without leaving your couch, there is something to be said about face-to-face connections. Although we should continue to build the yoga community online, it is key to further develop those endeavors in our local communities where change can not only be seen on screen, but also felt physically.

Downward Dog Foursquare Badge

Downward Dog Foursquare Badge

Share your Foursquare check-in at your local studio, re-Tweet an inspiring quote from a teacher or add your favorite eco mat to a Pinterest board.  At then end of the day, the greatest connection is the one you have with yourself – It’s always good to close your laptop or silence your phone and remember all the people, places and connections (online or in real life) that have brought you to this very moment. 

While you continue to deepen your yoga practice on and off the mat, consider ways in which you spread the word of yoga socially.

Like one sits with legs crossed and spine tall, letting the sweet vibrations of Om echo into the universe, there is a way that a compassionate post via social media can echo from server to server, locally and globally – harnessing the power of yoga. Invaluable resources such as our website, YouTube videos, blog and social sites, have allowed Street Yoga to join hands with so many volunteers across the nation to spread the light of yoga to those in need and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Are you a social Yogi? What social platforms are your favorite to spread the word? Do you think the internet has changed your life for the better?