Who Knew Breathing Could Be So Fun? - Street Yoga Youth Participant

In times of great loss, violence and tragedy, deep aching sadness can rise as well as a number of different emotional reactions. In working with middle school youth, we are aware that there will be many different emotional reactions, levels of processing and understanding.There is a need to be fully present, to offer support with an open heart and listening ear.

I am always impressed with the ability of individuals and communities to rise and connect and offer support and kindness to others in times of need.

I feel as though in these times of unbelievable struggle and hardship we are reminded of the deep power of connection and I have seen a great deal of that in the past week, including an increase in awareness among middle school students and staff on how to treat each other better, and how important it is to be kinder and to reach out to those in need, those who are misunderstood, or those who seemingly have little support.

I see this as a strength, something to build on and a reminder to attend to our inner state, that we are our own best tool for kindness and peace in the world and that the way we treat and interact with others matters, that we matter.

I wish only that each and every child in this world could fully feel that love…what a difference it makes.

In times of heart ache I turn inward to find meaning, healing and hope and use the power of my practice, my yoga mat & my teachers to help me discern it all. The words of my first yoga teacher, my mother a true inspirer of peace, justice and compassion echoes in my heart, “be good to yourself, be tender and kind, and be good to one another”.

– Street Yoga Board Member, Annie Kobliska-Becker, LCSW