Urban Yoga Spa Flash Mob

It’s the middle of the day as you run from your office meeting to catch a cup of java and you spot a string of hands reaching for the clouds above. Suddenly, these hands bring your eyes forward as you notice the city block is breathing to the beat of their own bodies.  You freeze, completely withdrawn from your day and begin to smile at the initial absurdity of it all. Simultaneously, unknowingly, you walk closer to the others. Closer still.  And there you stand, without reason, lifting your own two hands into the sky among your agile community, releasing yourself into the moment. You walk back to the office feeling full and free, yet unsure of what just flashed before you.

Yoga Flash Mob at Tafalgar Square in London organised by Evolve Wellness Center

Tafalgar Square in London – photo by Danylo

If you ever wanted to get the attention of a crowd or engage bystanders, then a flash mob would certainly do the trick.  As the dance mobs have taken the nation by storm, it just so happens that this trend has entered its way into the yoga community, bringing stillness to the city pavement.

For years, Street Yoga has brought the practice of yoga to places like streets and shelters to create a therapy that is portable.  Whether it is a street stretch to keep warm or a breathing practice to calm down, Street Yoga has empowered at-risk, homeless, and other vulnerable youth to carry with them the mobile tool that is yoga.

Street YogaYoga is something you can carry in your heart, free of charge and when needed, it can be brought out into life by the beholder. Furthermore, yoga on the street is nothing new to us, but when a crowd of a hundred unleashes the entrancing flow of yoga onto the curb, it is no wonder people stop to watch.  Business people, everyday people, rich people, poor people – all of these people in one moment, finally seeing how portable yoga truly is and always will be.

In the last year alone, there have been yoga flash mobs in Seattle, New York, South Carolina and even London, to name a few!  These community flash mob events have done a great job of sharing yoga with the public and bringing light to charities, causes or the practice in general.  Even those who had no previous interest in yoga found it intriguing when asked to be a part of a flash mob.

Urban Yoga Spa Flash Mob Seattle

Urban Yoga Spa Flash Mob in Seattle

Many groups have chosen to organize their event on Facebook and create inspiring videos or photos.  Although it all begins and ends in a flash it speaks to the act of being present in the moment.  We hope this trend stays around for awhile and finds itself awakening a few more cities to the power of yoga.

Check out these incredible videos capturing the essence of a yoga flash mob from Seattle to London.