Leading a plethora of audiences can get tricky, especially when you are dealing with trauma, abuse or PTSD, to name a few.  When teaching yoga it is always fun to tell a story and play with the fact that poses can physically paint a picture.

FlickrI like using words that everyone can understand and connect with on a human level.  It is easy to get carried away with Sanskrit terms or fancy expressions.  Basic, universal terms, can allow your diverse group to connect on a deeper level.  For many, trying to twist or bend is already difficult enough.  Using clear or simple words, will help your students cultivate a sense of belonging and strengthen their practice, without further confusion.

Tell me a story, please…

When we tell stories we use words like “IMAGINE,” “VISION” or “DREAM” to help our audience picture an idea.  Take daily actions that everyone does and use them to articulate a pose.  For example, you could say, “Imagine you are reaching for a box of cereal on the top shelf.”  Or try something more playful like, “Imagine you are reaching for the stars in the sky,” when teaching a pose that involves reaching upward.  When I paint a story for them with my words, buy phentermine 37.5 for cheap they always stretch that much further, trying to reach for what they feel to be the sky or their favorite box of cereal.

Even more, try words like build, stack, lift, open or soften to let them clearly envision what you wish them to do. “Stack your spine” or “soften your eyeballs” are a few simple examples.  This works really well in savasana or during relaxation.  “Imagine your body is sinking into the ground, heavy like soil…”

Explore playful language by reading children’s books or poems which tell stories that speak about movement.  There are a handful of poses named after animals and work well with many traditional fairy tales or fables.  Don’t worry about adults or teens when picking kid-like stories because you want something that is familiar to everyone. Comic books, superheros or Disney characters are always a hit. For full locust try, “Imagine you are soaring like Superman through the city!  Where do you all want to fly to today? Do you see anyone down there that needs our help? Now take a strong, Superman inhale and breathe in the fresh air between the clouds.”

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