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YogaLOVE 2015 Teachers

We’re thrilled to announce our YogaLOVE 2015 teacher line up!  We’re honored to have the support and contributions of so many amazing teachers and studios for this year’s event!  Read on to learn more about the fabulous nine who are leading this year’s community practice of 108 Sun Salutes to support Street Yoga.


Tracy Webber | Owner, Whole Life Yoga

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 6.31.50 PMTracy is the founder of Whole Life Yoga in Seattle and the award-winning author of the Downward Dog Yoga Mysteries.Tracy originally came to yoga for relief from chronic back pain, but she quickly discovered the balance and stress relief that yoga provides. Tracy believes that the benefits of yoga are much broader than physical exercise and that yoga can help people achieve what they want in all areas of life.






Theresa Elliot | Owner, Taj Yoga

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 1.11.22 PMTheresa Elliott is a nationally recognized practitioner and teacher of yoga who creates and teaches her own unique content through humorous, no-nonsense instruction, delivered in plain english. In class, she cultivates intellectual engagement and presence of mind through attention to the physical precision of yoga asana. “Why” and “what are we doing” are continual themes in class as students come to understand the rules of the body, and then the rules for breaking the rules.

Theresa has been fascinated by the capabilities of the human body since early childhood. Her exploration began in routine children’s sports, made its way through music and dance, and then to yoga in 1987. Theresa became a certified Iyengar teacher in 1990. Her yoga inspiration comes from long time friend and mentor, George Purvis, and from the anatomical teachings of Judith Lasater.

Theresa is the demonstration model for Judith Lasater’s highly acclaimed book, 30 Essential Poses, and the cover model for Yogabody, and Relax and Renew. She modeled for Hugger Mugger Yoga catalogs, posters and products, and served as an Ambassador to Blue Canoe. She created and released the video, “Stillness in Motion: Yoga Vinyasa” and appeared in Yoga Journal’s 1996 calendar.

Theresa is a mother, an avid dancer and loves to play the djembe. She continues in her movement and rhythm studies, working with Lara McIntosh, Etienne Cakpo, and Bill Mathews of Fremont Drum.


Leah Zaccaria | Owner, hauteyoga & shefayoga

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 1.18.45 PM“Being avidly into fitness, dance, and movement, I became passionate for yoga in 2006. Yoga changed my life. Coming from a stressful corporate environment where I work as a CPA for 15 years, yoga helped me quiet my mind and see my life for what it was and how I wanted it to be.

It had been a dream of mine to own my own business.  I decided to marry my business expertise with my passion for yoga to create a studio that would be successful from a business standpoint but also reach and help people physically, emotionally and spiritually. Building community has become a primary focus for my vision.  I want my studios to be a place where people feel safe and loved unconditionally.

My first studio, hauteyoga Queen Anne has been open since 2009 and has grown into something bigger and better than I ever dreamed.  I feel it is my dharma (purpose) to continue to build and foster communities in the Seattle area. shefayoga Roosevelt was born from this vision. I opened shefayoga in 2013.  I am extremely excited to have sister studios, each carrying the vision, but with their own unique being.

I am inspired and love to share messages of inspiration while practicing the asanas (poses). I want to bring out the best in you in my classes.”


Dora Gyarmati | Owner, Spira Power Yoga

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 1.12.55 PMDora’s European heritage and education in both the sciences and in the humanities created a unique style which blends Eastern and Western theological, literally and scientific traditions.

Dora has a natural ability to inspire love of physical being in all her students. She teaches yoga from life experience, emphasizing strength with a lighthearted attitude. Using humor to carry students hrough the tough elements of vinyasa flow, she reminds you to be mindful during practice. Dora sees the challenges of vinyasa as a metaphor of life. Teaching breath control and meditation during the strength building asanas, she will help you learn to stay calm through difficulties, and to find inner peace in the quiet moments. Dora’s experience includes a lifetime of active pursuits, beginning with her study of ballet and gymnastics in Hungary at age three. Also an ardent runner, she was introduced to yoga in 2002.

Dora believes in keeping the mind active with reading and studying literature, spiritual studies and philosophy. She believes that there is yoga philosophy in all cultures and all religions. When you take her class you will find that you are not only getting a great workout for your body but also for your mind.

Dora’s life before yoga makes her a well-rounded instructor, as she studied both the arts and sciences. She has a BA in Art History from UCSD, and a BS in Neurobiology also from UCSD. She has worked in immunology research prior to her yoga career.


Ivo Grossi | Yoga Instructor, ClubZum Seattle and Guest Lecturer,

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Ivo’s path is to integrate Material and Spiritual.

His background in Sustainable Business encompasses 20 years of executive experience in the Health, Fitness & Wellness space.

Over the last 15 years he has studied meditation under the Shambhala Sacred Path of the Warrior by Chogyam Trungpa Rimpoche and Holistic Yoga under the compassionate guidance of Saul David Raye.

Years of Shamanic practice in the vegetalismo tradition have added substantial transpersonal healing to his being and a completely new layer of depth to the very practical integration work he’s called to do in this lifetime.

These wisdom disciplines and training systems have crystalized the idea that Mind, Body and Heart must go together in achieving real wellness and living from one’s own true center.

His classes, coaching sessions, workshops and retreats are a journey of healing and transformation that stoke one’s vital energy through the pathways of the breath, heart and gut.  Visit his blog to learn more.


Casey Peterson | Director of Yoga, Urban Yoga Spa 

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 1.19.38 PMAfter a lifetime of “going hard” in competitive sports, yoga has given Casey the chance to find a softer side.   “In sports, especially in college, we pushed ourselves extremely hard. We trained and pushed our physical bodies to do really powerful things but it was all physical and there wasn’t too much mindfulness or care. Finding yoga and being encouraged to turn inwards WHILE being physical helped me learn and change some of my habits and patterns.”
Casey began practicing yoga in 2001 at her community college and gyms. In 2009, Casey chose CorePower Yoga in Huntington Beach, CA for her first teacher training because she loved the creativity and freedom of the flow and how different every class and teacher was.  “Being in class was like a time warp. It never felt like 60 or 90 minutes. Time would fly by no matter how challenging it was. I was able flow and breathe and laugh and feel things that I had never felt because I wasn’t competing. It was just me and it didn’t matter if I was the best or that I couldn’t do everything.”
“The most important thing that I believe is that I am a forever student. My life is better when I am taking yoga. I love yoga in that way that surfers can’t stay out of the ocean and how snowboarders get sad in the summer. I am passionate about it. I have opinions regarding this practice and I want to share them and explore them and that is what fuels my teaching. I will never stop learning.”


Allison Barnes | Owner, SOL Yoga

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 1.17.49 PMAllison came to yoga after years of feeling quite certain it was not for her. Quite certain. Born and raised in Colorado, she moved to Seattle from Boulder on a whim in 2003 craving new experiences. With a background in athletics, personal training and a B.A. in health and rehabilitation, she became bored with the traditional gym model and discovered Power Vinyasa here in Seattle. The intense physicality of this style of yoga, coupled with the focus on proper breathing and an awareness of being mentally present in each moment was beyond intriguing and rewarding for her. It became her passion and her new path, which quickly led to teacher training and opening SOL Yoga to share her love of yoga with a larger community. Allison strives to impart this same experience into every individual in every class. She believes yoga is an opportunity to challenge one’s self, accepting failure as part of the process, breathing before reacting and finding the mental calm amid chaos–something Allison encourages her students to practice both on and off the mat (a skill set she practices in her own life as the mother of two young girls). Oh, and most importantly, she believes yoga is supposed to be fun! Allison’s teaching pulls strongly from the structure of Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga but interjects dynamic flowing sequences in a safe, fun and varied fashion. Her style is athletic and challenging for all levels and music is always an integral part of her classes and the overall experience. Pulling out her inner D.J. to pair the music with the energy of a class adds to the sensory experience in a unique and transformative way.
In addition to teaching Power Vinyasa, she teaches her ever-popular YogaHIIT class as a compliment to a traditional yoga practice. Out and about you’ll find Allison is not only passionate about SOL Yoga, but the Seattle yoga community as well. As a lululemon Ambassador you’ll find her attending or leading local events, partnering with local studios on fun endeavors, or perhaps enjoying a summer yoga festival too. (If Michael Franti is performing you’ll definitely know where to find her – front row!). When Allison is not teaching or practicing yoga, she is discovering new music, and forever practicing in her heart with her two girls and German shepherd.


Tara Dyberg | Yoga Instructor, The Grinning Yogi

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 1.14.31 PMTara has been teaching yoga since 2010, after completing her first teacher training in Whistler, B.C with Yyoga.  After moving to Seattle she completed her second training with Shiva Rea and is a certified Prana Flow instructor, teaching at The Grinning Yogi as well as Shakti Vinyasa studio in the Ballard location.

Tara found yoga after a career as a professional dancer, and was immediately hooked by the healing qualities of the practice on the physical, emotional and mental levels.  She is thrilled to be sharing her love of movement, lead by spirit, as it connects her to the hearts of this vibrant and beautiful Seattle community.

Visit her website to learn more.


Maria Williquette | Yoga Instructor, Aditi Yoga & Wellness Studio

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 1.13.50 PMMaria Williquette has long been involved in the yoga community of Seattle, with teaching as her primary emphasis since 2009. Although more days than not Maria can be found practicing and teaching yoga, she is also an avid gardener, cyclist, reader, hiker, and world traveler. While traveling, Maria has studied yoga in places as diverse as Argentina, South Africa, India, and Nepal and has completed two 200 hr yoga teacher trainings. Maria is currently enrolled in a 500 hr training and she holds a Master’s Degree in counseling psychology. It is her passion to combine the wisdom of yoga with the study of psychology to create a therapeutic and deeply healing yoga practice.

As a teacher, Maria embodies depth and connection; joy and creativity. She will certainly arrive to class with a smile and she delights in connecting with every student who attends class with her. Both on and off the mat, Maria looks to each moment of each day for opportunities to learn and to practice gratitude. Maria is also a Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice near Greenlake. She works with families, couples, and individuals using a holistic and strengths-based approach to growth.

Visit her website to learn more.


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