Have you ever had one of those moments when you realized you were searching for something, but didn’t even know it? On the rare occasions that I wander around the mall, I usually pop into stores looking for some interesting leggings. Since I find myself in yoga postures just about every single day, this search for a style infusion to my yoga routine is always with me.

Black Milk Clothing’s photo caught our eye last week, and we shared it with our Facebook friends. I loved Heather Giacometti‘s comment:

“What a cool teaching tool!”

The muscular mechanics of yoga are endlessly fascinating and rewarding. Exploring that edge between falling and flying, grounding and lengthening, opening and closing, makes for exciting and transformative yoga classes!

Just this morning I came across a lovely article on the Yogi Roots blog by Portland yoga instructor, Enid Rosalyn Spitz, articulating the fabulous nature of falling.

“This thing called falling is also linked with another f word … fear.” Our practice is not always purely physical. It is designed to open this pathway to our inner worlds. Exploring who we are deep within us, how we thing, how we react, how we conduct our everyday life with greater awareness.

In this regard, the galaxy leggings caught my eye, inspiring a discussion I love to share with the Street Yoga kids about the infinite nature of the universe.


Helping kids to explore the infinite nature of their being can help alleviate everyday troubles. If the universe is infinite, then we are always right at the center! Creating that level of support can allow for very sweet moments with the youth we serve.

To infinity and beyond…..!