Mark Lilly founded Street Yoga in 2002 by organizing a handful of yoga teachers to teach yoga at a day shelter and a school serving homeless youth.  Lilly says his life was deeply bettered by yoga. He started Street Yoga partly because of a song by Neil Young.  There’s a line from that that goes:

“We were giving, that’s how we kept what we gave away.”

To keep what yoga gave him, Mark Lilly said he had to give it away as fast and as much as possible.  Street Yoga hired its first staff member this January 2008 and made the decision to grow from a volunteer fueled grassroots organization to a small non-profit with an active board, solid infrastructure, supported volunteers, comprehensive programming and ambitious development plan.

In 2010 Street Yoga established it’s first branch in Seattle, WA.  In 2014 Street Yoga moved it’s Headquarters from Portland to Seattle.


Two students were talking about their presentation