Nearly all of the people we serve, the youth in shelters, for example, or the staff who work with them, have experienced or continue to experience some form of traumatic injury to their well-being –whether having been evicted from their home because of sexual orientation, or a staff member’s secondary trauma from having still-developing, incomplete self-care practices.

But Trauma is backward looking, and often fails to appreciate the savviness that many of the youth we have served possess. Resilience, then, becomes a more forward looking approach, and we have found that our training approach builds specific resilience-focused protective factors.

Between the past view of trauma, and the work of building capacities to not only recover, but create genuine contentment in one’s own life, exists the present moment. That’s where we meet the people we share yoga with, in the Right Now, and we use the twin lenses of trauma and resilience to give context for the yoga we share.
Mark Lilly, Founder and Board President
Join Sweethome Teacup and Julie Sage-Lauck for an informative workshop to share your experiences and concerns while building a community of support!