Soul of Leadership Book Cover

“Becoming a leader is the most crucial choice one can make — it is the decision to step out of darkness into the light.” – Deepak Chopra

Whether you are a teacher, student, mother, manager, or CEO, Deepak Chopra’s book, “The Soul of Leadership” will inspire.  This quick read is 217 pages on how to lead effectively with compassion and integrity, leaving you ready to build stronger and more conscious relationships.

In each chapter, Deepak guides you through what he calls, “the map of leadership” with a call-to-action approach, using helpful exercises titled: “What To Do Today” and defining each letter of the word LEADERS as a way to simplify his soulful messages.

Deepak describes leading with the soul first by giving his definition of soul:

“I believe the soul is an expression of an underlying universal field of consciousness.  Your particular awareness, or soul, is like a wave in this boundless sea, unique for a brief moment in time before it falls back into the larger entity from which it emerged.  At the soul level you are seamlessly connected with everything in the universe, to the silent domain from which all matter and energy spring.”

As a leader, it can be difficult to refrain from judging the self or feeling lost within the vast responsibilities that power can ensue.  For example, a yoga teacher may find it hard to lead a class with students of many different physical or emotional needs and can feel overwhelmed as a leader.  Deepak illustrates many ways to find the courage and ability to lead – many of which would help our yoga teacher.

He eloquently defines what he feels makes “inspired leadership”:

“…great leaders are those who can respond to their own needs and the needs of others from the higher levels of spirit with vision, creativity, and a sense of unity with the people they lead.”

After reading this book it is hard not to look inward and challenge the self to become a person who leads with the soul.  It is also a great way to understand the leaders in your life and how you can hopefully inspire and lead them through your own conscious actions.  Every family, community, group or company is glued together by leadership and through Deepak’s insights, he feels one can truly work to enhance the force of such glue, providing interactions that meet everyone’s needs.  If you want to read more inspirational books by Deepak Chopra, please visit his Amazon page.

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