Street Yoga Eco Cleaner for Yoga MatsThis week, Street Yoga introduces: Eco-cleaner for our yoga mats!

A large part of what makes Street Yoga unique is our commitment to programming, on a local level. In almost 10 years we have developed partnerships with over 50 social service agencies in Oregon, Washington, California and New York City. We maintain approximately 30 active programs currently, and that number fluctuates according to volunteer availability and funding sources.

In order to promote standards of health and sanitation, Street Yoga began our annual site evaluations with a replacement mat program (all due to the donations from Nike, Manduka, and Yogi Tails). In order to spread awareness of eco-cleaning options and basic self-care for health we are instituting a mat cleaning program with our students.

One of the disciplines of the yoga philosophy is Saucha, a Sanskrit word which can be translated as purity or lucid cleanliness.

The most common translation of saucha is “cleanliness.” But saucha, at its root, is concerned with keeping different energies distinct. Saucha ensures and protects the sanctity of the energy around us. We can teach saucha through focusing on the grossest physical concerns (such as asking students to come to class without strong body odors, and to wipe off sweat-drenched mats) as well as more subtle energetic issues. –

In order to help youth develop more awareness of the self-care aspect of yoga, our volunteer teachers do not prescribe a specific methodology, rather they ask the kids to come to the yoga mat with curiosity and acceptance.

Teach kids how cleanliness can go off the mat and into everyday life!