Welcome to the Street Yoga blog segment called GratiTUBE.  Here we feature videos from Vimeo, YouTube and other various sites to inform and inspire through the medium of film.  Selections take a look into the act of yoga service, advocacy, the non-profit sector, teachings, techniques, movements and events, just to name a few.  We hope each video will remind us of our eternal gratitude, encourage compassion and uplift us with inspirations.

GratiTUBE Call to Action: Share these videos with your friends, family or networks to continue the act of gratitude 37.5 order online through the tube.

Street Yoga is blessed to partner with amazing individuals in our community who bring a variety of experiences, knowledge, and practices to spread healing and wellness. Please take a quiet moment (or many) to absorb this teaching from Street Yoga’s volunteer yoga teacher, Jean-Pierre. The video is over an hour, and the Portland Street Yoga Community enjoyed every minute! Take your time, and take away a sense of relief, understanding and peace.