Everyone has a yoga pose they like better than others. I am going to go ahead and use the word favorite, because I have one. It’s nothing fancy; I am a fool with a back bend. I am fond of triangle and pigeon pose makes my hips feel great for days. There is one asana that treats me like no other, my little reward of the day, a moment that is always all mine.

It feels like cheating, because it’s so simple: indulge in the lovely Balasana, better known as Child’s pose.

(Source: coffeeandyoga.tumblr.com)

Now don’t rule this out as just a resting pose, a place to go when you are on the brink of collapse. This is an essential part of the process, and for me this is a perfect part of myself. I can hide out under my hair for a moment, ask myself any question, laugh when I’m not supposed to. Child’s pose gives you a moment of rest , yes, but in this time you can also return into yourself.

Even with the most challenging of classes I’ve taken and yoga DVDs I’ve borrowed from the library, I have yet to hear of a pose called Grown Up’s Pose.

I think that it would go something like this. First, engage the lower half of your body as if you are sitting in a chair. Now raise one arm at a ninety degree angle and use your fingers to simulate typing, with your left hand extended behind your right shoulder reach for a smartphone and now turn your left foot inward like it is moving onto the desk for the rest. See? It would be so easy. Oh, and there would have to be sharp breaths coming from the chest the whole time.

Children are our biggest teachers.

They teach us without knowing it. Usually we do not even realize it. Young children can be in the state that we spend our whole lives trying to get back to.

They breathe from their bellies.
Their imaginations have no limits.
They can believe in everything.
They can believe in anything.

They are in sync with the natural rhythms of their bodies. We all know that finding time for rest is important but what is even more important is being able to listen to your body and realize when it is sending you signals. Don’t forget to breathe. And spend time with children because children are wonderful and these things naturally radiate from them.

Take one hour a week to teach a child something you know whether it’s how to ride a bicycle, play a musical instrument or do an impressive and possibly hilarious pigeon pose. Not only will you change the life of a great kid, but you may realize you’d been holding your breath in grown up’s pose for so long that you forgot how wonderful child’s pose can be.


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