This afternoon, as I plugged in my headphones, and unplugged from work on my way to the Friday night happy hour… (yogi style)… NPR announced that after a 3 year struggle with cancer, legendary Beastie Boy, Mike D passed away. [details]

I somehow had remained in the dark about his personal spirituality… clearly I was not living in San Fransisco in 1996 during the Tibetan Freedom Concert. That year transports me back to my freshman year of high school, a time of limited freedom and turbulent emotional relationships. Relevant and beloved, Beastie Boys are an anthem that span decades.

As a younger man, he was very angry, Adler says. “As he went on, he got into spiritual pursuits [that] calmed him down and brought him peace.” [npr]

As a public figure, Mike D discovered how to look beyond everyday life and chose to contribute to the global crisis of the individual.

I think every person has the ability to effect change. I think we’re often led to believe that it’s just celebrities have some ability to effect change but I think that what’s important for us to realize is that everyone of us affects the world constantly through our actions, through our every smallest action, through our every thought, our every word, the way that we interact with other people we’re constantly affecting the world.” [pbs]

I remember the first time I heard of a country whose Gross online diet pills Domestic Product was Happiness. I remember when I was 7, I invented communism. At least that is what what I was told. I didn’t understand why economics even had to exist. A system relying solely on bartering sounded so pure. What did I know?

“At the U.N. there is now recognition that maximizing GDP is not the same as maximizing wellbeing. The level of GDP, a frequently used indicator of economic development, naturally suffers at the expense of increased leisure.

Because sustainable technologies are yet to be widely implemented, and the global community trumpets the need to achieve ever higher levels of human development — defined as expanding people’s choices — countries tend to be short sighted in helping their economies to provide now, rather than in the long-term.” [the atlantic]

Adam’s vision, his pursuit of the truth led him to advocate for human rights in what he considered “a greed-based culture” that is facing a medical crisis. Stress related illnesses are creatin a national epidemic. Wrecking people rather than make them more whole, his quiet action demonstrated of the right thing to do and the right path.

“I’m really hoping that some of those values are going to infiltrate into American culture and in particular into youth culture uh because obviously that’s the future of what this world is going to be come and what human it is going to become…” Adam Yausch, Beastie Boy