Last month, Claire Barrera from our partner site, El Programma Hispano, led Street Yoga’s Monthly Community Meeting.
Exploring the Balance of Latino Cultural Competency Training 101

Nov 2 fell on a Wednesday, the eve of Dia de los Muertos or The Day of the Dead, an important cultural day which honors those who have passed on and paved the way for us to live in this world.

The Latino community makes up 16 percent of the United States population. We spoke about the challenges and the blessings of being a part of that community in the Unities States. Aside from the widespread sense of discrimination, the language barrier, lack of accessibility to services, the benefits of a strong sense of Latino community,  the love of family, and joy in children creates a culture of celebration!

It is important to see through the lens of communities among us that in principle might have similar rights to education, healthcare, finances, but in practice they demonstrably do not.

Just becoming aware of the amazing diversity of peoples and experiences that are among us will create change by promoting advocates for those in need.  At Street Yoga, one of our core beliefs is inclusiveness and empowerment, and we want aim to create a world with equity, acknowledgement, understanding, and communal care for all who live in our community!

Join Street Yoga on the path of serving the under-served in our lives.