Jeff participated in Street Yoga’s training program in 2011 and started teaching in 2012.  Jeff teaches at Ryther Child Center to teen males, ages 12-18 recovering from Chemical Dependency. 


Jeff has been teaching at Street Yoga long enough to know that regardless of a teacher’s preparedness, some classes run more smoothly than others.  In the excerpt below Jeff tells a very sweet story.  He speaks of coming back from being away from teaching for a few weeks, and meeting a class of young men he had never taught before.

We at Street Yoga hope you enjoy Jeff’s reflections on his class as much as we do.  His re-cap is very telling about the spectrum of what comes up when teaching a Street Yoga class.  It reminds us that the youth we serve are interested, curious, and playful.  It is heart-warming to see that they value our time as teachers, and miss us when we’re gone.

 Jeff said: 

“The boys were all new to me … class went very well.

One of the boys asked if I had a yoga teacher, and if my teacher had a teacher and then who was the OG Teacher? [AKA the Original Teacher.]  So I talked to the whole class about the origin of yoga and the focus on living a better life, and The Sutras, and Patanjal

[I was] kind of shocked when one of the boys even shushed another to hear me talk about it. They were all intrigued. I think this is my favorite Street Yoga moment ever.

They seemed into the mostly all floor-based sequence class that I planned. They also brought up rapping so I said I would bring in some MC Yogi next week.”

Jeff then adds that the boys inquired about another Street Yoga teacher that works with this group of guys regularly.  She is moving away from Seattle, and thus leaving her teaching position with Street Yoga.

“…One of the boys asked where you were… And when I told him you were going abroad and wouldn’t be back; he said, “[You] were breaking their hearts :).”  Even when they’re half-joking I think they’re speaking their truth. :)”

So, who are your teachers?  Who has made a difference in your life?

Be blessed,

Street Yoga

Note: We are currently looking for a volunteer teacher for the Ryther Child Center’s Chemical Dependency group.  This class is in North Seattle, and is two weeks on, two weeks off on Sunday mornings.   Interested?  Contact Jessica at– there’s still space available in our Seattle April 25-27 training!

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