Street Yoga returns to Philadelphia this June, and we are delighted to return to the amazing Sankhya Yoga studio space in Philadelphia.

Our partners for this training are the Philadelphia based World Y.O.G.A. Project

Learn more about WYP’s Mission and Vision:

The Y.O.G.A. Foundation or the Youth Obtaining Great Achievements Foundation, a registered 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, proudly offers free, quality yoga services for children in schools nationwide and globally! Our program meets and exceeds U.S. national standards for quality Physical Education. Recognizing the effects of the obesity epidemic on children and the alarming lack of funding for physical education in public and charter schools, we have developed an easy to implement and tremendously beneficial model to keep kids active and healthy.

We provide soluations for cultivating generations of healthy children and youth.World Y.O.G.A. Project, which is the core program, focuses on reaching children throughout the United States and worldwide, bringing the practice of yoga to their schools. By doing so, we expect to see substantial benefits to the students, teachers, and schools as a whole.

In addition to the multitude of physical benefits, students will experience greater awareness of their bodies and minds, increased compassion for themselves and others, improved self-confidence and self-control, and a greater ability to be focused on the present moment and the task or situation at hand. The benefits will extend beyond the individual students, into the classroom and enitre school, and then out into the world.

WYP focuses on planting the seed of healthy living within each student through integrating our program into the culture of the school and the school community. In addition, WYP host an annual Open Forum in the Spring, which provides an opportunity to have school teachers and/or staff members from each school to join us in the discussion on continuing to create positive experiences for their students through Y.O.G.A.

Please join us for an amazing experience with Street Yoga’s Lead Trainer, Katie Arrants. Katie has been teaching and training Street Yoga volunteers since she co-developed the original Street Yoga teacher quick weight loss training in 2005. Since then, Katie has trained hundreds of yoga instructors in cities across the nation, providing her students with a rich and challenging learning environment. As a Street Yoga trainer, Katie draws on over 9 years of direct, professional social work and caregiving experience with underserved populations, including homeless, runaway, and foster youth.  She also brings over a decade of experience as a trained yoga teacher.

As a trainer, Katie shares her calm, grounded, practical approach to combining mindfulness and youth work.  Her teaching pulls from real-world experiences working with homeless and runaway youth, youth in detention, foster youth, people with developmental disabilities, and elderly patients on hospice.  She has professional experience with a wide range of concerns ranging from mental illness to juvenile justice, trauma recovery to teen pregnancy. She has also trained in Non-Violent Communication, Compassionate Listening, and de-escalation techniques. Additionally, Katie has taught at the Omega Institute’s Being Yoga Conference and the National Health Care for the Homeless Conference.  She also sits on the Executive Committee for Street Yoga’s Seattle Branch.

As a Street Yoga volunteer teacher, Katie has taught in a drop-in program for homeless youth, housing for adults with mental illness, a court-ordered substance abuse recovery program for young mothers, a crisis shelter for runaway teens, and a detention facility for undocumented minors.  With her gentle and light-hearted approach, Katie strives to develop knowledge, confidence, and enthusiasm in all her students, so they can achieve their highest potential.

Please help us spread the word. This is an excellent opportunity for social workers, yoga teachers, or anyone interested in the opportunity to reach at-risk youth with the healing practice of yoga.

Street Yoga is working to bring mindfulness and yoga therapy and healing to homeless children and families healing from PTSD throughout the country. There are scholarships available for the training and 14 CE credits for social workers. No prior yoga teacher training is required.

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