Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 11.40.48 AMTrillium is Oregon’s largest provider of mental and behavioral healthcare for children and families, with a mission of “building brighter futures with children and families.”  We offer hope to families when they don’t know where else to turn.

Unique to Trillium is its true continuum of care. With services spanning from on-site intensive residential care to prevention based interventions in the community, Trillium aims to provide support to youth and families wherever it is needed most.

Trillium’s Parry Center residential program is an intensive psychiatric service that offers short-term, on-site services for young people, ages 5-17, requiring 24-hour support for emotional and behavioral challenges. Many of the children in this level of care have experienced frequent difficulties in the community, school, and/or home environments, which have led to major safety concerns for the child and his/her family. The purpose of residential treatment is to provide mental and behavioral health stabilization in preparation for the child’s return home or admission to a less restrictive level of care. Many transition to a day program or less intensive outpatient program to continue their treatment once they have completed residential programming.

Street Yoga is excited to share that we just started a second weekly yoga class at Trillium for the youth in the Parry Center!

Check out this teaching reflection from Street Yoga Volunteer, Greta, who teaches at the Parry Center:

My journey with Street Yoga began last summer, when I took the Street Yoga teacher training and then worked with SY as an intern for the summer. One of my favorite parts of working with Street Yoga has been my experience volunteer teaching. I’ve had the privilege of teaching yoga at Trillium’s Parry Center, with an amazing co-teacher, since December of 2013. I often leave my Monday yoga classes at the Parry Center surprised…and it’s often for many different reasons. One week I may be astounded by the collaboration and teamwork that the youth in class use for a group activity. Another week I may be amazed by the excitement that is brought to class, and the familiar faces that continue to show each week. Either way, I often feel so very fortunate to get to share yoga with the youth that I do. I prefer to use the term “share” yoga as opposed to “teach,” as my main goal in class is to find a way to make yoga accessible to everyone there. While I may worry about not leading the participants in class through a pose the correct way, what really matters the most is creating a space where everyone feels included and safe to experience yoga.

Typically what I find in my classes is that many of the youth already bring experience practicing yoga or doing similar activities that help them in class. I sometimes will open up the class to the youth and ask them to teach a pose to the class. Again, I am often amazed to see how open and willing they are to share their experience with others. This happened in one of my favorite classes when I invited the class to share a pose with everyone if they felt comfortable. A young, energetic girl in my class immediately raised her hand and led us through a pose that she liked to call “fire belly.” The pose consisted of us sitting tall and opening our arms up toward the sky. We were then instructed to close our eyes and imagine a red and orange glow forming in our bellies. I couldn’t help but smile as I watched the whole class follow her lead. I left class that day aware that as much as I was sharing yoga with the youth in class, they were sharing just as much with me. I feel so thankful to be able to spend my Monday nights with the young people at the Parry Center. They consistently bring a fun energy and excitement to class, and they often leave with a sincere “thank you” or a “see you next week!” I continue to be impressed with the resilience, strength, and creativity that I see in class. I look forward to continuing to share yoga with, and learn from, the wonderful youth at the Parry Center.

In Gratitude,

The Street Yoga Tribe


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