recovery banner 2This past March we tuned into the first ever Recovery 2.0 online conference; a gathering of 35 experts who shared cutting-edge, inspirational, practical, powerful teachings about addiction, recovery and personal transformation.

We are so thrilled to share that Recovery 2.0: Beyond Addiction, hosted by Tommy Rosen, will be continuing the conversation this March 17th-21st. You will have the chance to join us for 5 deeply transformational days along with thousands of people all over the world, to learn about recovering from addiction in its many forms. It’s a beautiful thing because these online workshops are FREE for the first 24 hours, and available for purchase to share with your friends, family, colleagues as professional development and personal tools of healing and recovery over time.

“Recovery 2.0 is all about sharing the gifts of yoga and meditation with people in recovery from addictions and with others who desire to get past any hurdle that stands between them and their happiness.”

Some of the brilliant minds sharing their wisdom at this conference are:

–  Dr. Bruce Alexander: The Globalization of Addiction

–  Ashley Turner: Addiction, The Body, and The Chakras

–  Elisa Hallerman: Maintaining Sobriety, Achieving Balance and Healing Families

–  Noah Levine Take Refuge: The Buddhist Path of Recovery

–  Dr. Gabor Maté: Understanding The Roots of Addiction

–  Rolf Gates: Meditations from The Mat and Along the Road of Recovery

–  Dr. Mark Lewis: The Addicted Brain: Insights From a Neuroscientist and Former Drug Addict

And SO many more; offering deeply helpful insight on addiction through the lens of; eating disorders, compassion fatigue, relationships, emotional freedom technique, 12 step recovery, and holistic and spiritual healing.  You can read more about the experts and their teachings here.

We will be spreading the word about some of our favorite bits on knowledge from earlier this year, and live tweeting during the upcoming conference too! You can join us in the conversation by tagging @streetyoga and @recovery2point0 in your updates.


Love & Gratitude,

The Street Yoga Tribe


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