A recent Street Yoga Teacher volunteer, Shelly Thorn has taken her teaching experience to the next level as Founder of the new website: Yoga Teacher Central. Her incredible site offers free resources for teachers, including a membership option to deepen your knowledge with a variety of comprehensive tools.


After any yoga teacher training, students ask where they can find more tools and resources to help them on their teaching journey. It is always great to come across websites like Yoga Teacher Central, which make learning accessible to anyone, anywhere. With Street Yoga, we know that many of our caregivers, counselors and volunteers learning yoga for the first time appreciate as much information as they can get. Take a look at what order without Stephanie Toby, our Seattle Program Director said about the site…

Wow!! This is a wonderful resource. We are including it in our teaching handbook. It’s so important for yoga teachers to meet students where they are in order for yoga to be acessible to everyone. This website is full of wonderful modifications and adjustments, along with photos to help new teachers work effectively with all students. Thank you for putting such a wealth of information in one user-friendly place. 

Peruse the new site, view the photos of asanas or check out the Sample Sequences section and let us know what you think below.