It has become clear that Yoga has the transformative power to heal and liberate individuals and communities alike.

Although the gifts of yoga are seemingly endless and diverse; our community continues to lack in demographic diversity. What does this mean about access, privilege and social justice? Yoga calls us to practice ahimsa (thoughtful consideration of all beings) but how do we integrate social justice into our everyday practice?



via Daniel Horowitz

Join us for a sincere and thought provoking conversation about the intersection of social justice and yoga and what each of us as individuals in the yoga community can do to truly be “the change we wish to see in the world.”

October 23, 2012 – 6:30pm

$5 Donation Suggested – Free for Active Volunteers

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Vanessa comes to us from Concordia University, where she is completing her B.S in Social Work.  Vanessa first began doing order adipex online yoga in 2006 after completing a Vipassana meditation course in Onalaska, WA. Since then, Yoga has become an integral part of her path. Vanessa has an extensive history working with vulnerable populations.  She currently works as a legal assistant at a non-profit organization assisting undocumented survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault obtain legal immigration status.  Vanessa recently completed her Yoga teacher training and is teaching a Street Yoga class for Spanish speaking survivors of sexual violence. It is her passion to share yoga with as many people as possible, particularly culturally diverse communities. She sees every opportunity, including her own yoga practice, as an opportunity to advocate for social justice. When Vanessa is not working or doing yoga, she is outdoors connecting with nature. Vanessa grew up and continues to live in the beautiful Mt. Hood area, where she enjoys snowboarding, rock climbing, hiking and camping.