On Valentine’s Day Street Yoga participated in the One Billion Rising event that focuses on stopping violence against women. I am a bachelor’s of social work intern at Street Yoga and I thought that this was a really great event for my practicum to be involved in because we are focused on healing from past traumas.

Some of the yoga classes that Street Yoga teaches are for domestic violence survivors and sexual abuse survivors, so supporting a cause that is working to eliminate this type of violence is extremely important. The event was in downtown Portland and included speeches and a march around downtown. Everyone who works at Street Yoga or is an intern at Street Yoga came to the march which showed that everyone was interested and passionate about supporting this cause.

Being able to come together as a group supporting such an important cause was really exciting. Being a social work intern at a small nonprofit has shown me that being aware of community events to become involved in is important. I really enjoyed doing the march with everyone at my practicum buy online from canada because it showed that nonprofits can be involved in larger issues instead of just micro issues. Seeing how a nonprofit that focuses on micro work with clients through yoga is able to support a cause that is global confirmed for me that all levels of social work practice can be done at one agency. Supporting a bigger picture cause was really exciting and I thought that it was a good way to help promote change on a larger scale.

I think that attending more events like this is important for my agency to do in order to be involved in the community and to be involved in a bigger change. Everyone at my practicum really enjoyed participating in the march because it confirmed for us that the work that we do can impact people on a larger scale. Being involved in this event and supporting the community that Street Yoga serves by marching together and with other members of the community who are fighting to stop violence against women was a powerful experience for everyone involved.

-Lindsay Phillips
Street Yoga BSW Intern