Street Yoga is proud to announce our pilot impact evaluation on yoga for youth!    Street Yoga has begun collecting data of the effects of yoga on the youth we serve.

To do this we partnered with our long-time program site, Ryther Child Center in Seattle, WA.  At Ryther, Street Yoga provides yoga classes as an adjunct therapeutic service to their Sub-Acute and Chemical Dependency residential programs.

The purpose of this study was multifaceted:

  • To determine if youth who attended the yoga intervention self-reported any change in body awareness and resiliency.
  • To assess the validity of the survey employed at pretest and posttest given a wide age range in participants (6 years old -18 years old).
  • To evaluate the feasibility of a pretest/posttest model for this population given resource limitations.

For more details please see the infographic highlighting the results.  The full study is available here.




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