Chest Forward

On June 7th, Street Yoga’s Seattle Branch hosted their biggest fundraiser of the year, the second annual YogaLOVE!  YogaLOVE brings together nine of our city’s best instructors and yogis from all over Seattle to practice a full mala– 108 Sun Salutations.  Proceeds support our “Yoga for Youth” programs in Seattle, which bring yoga to young people who otherwise wouldn’t have access to it.  We bring yoga out of the studio and into homeless shelters, treatment centers and schools in low-income areas.

One of our new Street Yoga Volunteer Teachers, Nicole Barton, participated in this year’s event and shares a bit of her story and YogaLOVE reflections below.  We hope you enjoy her thoughtful words and beautiful spirit as much as we do.


Q.  Why do you do Yoga?

A. Yoga is my passion. I do yoga because it ignites me, it challenges me, it strengthens and relaxes me. Yoga for me is an emotional release, an artistic expression, and a vigorous workout. It is playful and focused at the same time. It dares me to confront my fears, and to confront myself. And above all I do yoga because it is FUN!


Q. What do you love about Street Yoga?

A. I love that Street Yoga brings yoga to the people that need it most. Teaching youth, in vulnerable transitional times, the power to calm and center themselves in chaos and to have a positive connection to their own body is the most wonderful mission I could possibly think of. I am proud to help facilitate this mission.


Q. What did you take away from YogaLove?

A. YogaLOVE was amazing!!! 108 sun salutations, as it turns out, is a LOT of sun salutations. All the instructors were inspiring and after a while it was very much a moving meditation. One thing that was said by Terilyn Wyre that really resonated with me was “if the path is clear it’s someone else’s.”  It’s so true especially in any intense situation (and in life) that you really have to listen to your own mind and body to know where to go and what to do. No one can tell you how a pose is supposed to feeI and no one can tell you how your story is supposed to go. I was so honored to cross paths that day with all the amazing yogis that came out to all move together for this very worthy cause. I learned a lot about myself on the mat at YogaLOVE and I took with me an overwhelming sense of community, a renewed love of yoga, and some very sore muscles, but sore with purpose.


We are so grateful for all of you that joined Street Yoga for a day of sweat, community and purpose!  Because of your fundraising efforts and financial contributions we are able to bring yoga to 1260 more young people in Seattle and Tacoma!   Thank you for your generosity and support!


Street Yoga Seattle



About Nicole

Art and Yoga are my two great passions in life and I try to combine them in my practice everyday. An avid yogi since 2005, I just recently completed my RYT 200 teacher training from The Art of Balance School and am actively looking for an instructor position in the Seattle area.  I attended Street Yoga’s trauma-informed teacher training to learn some additional skills in order to teach yoga at Camp Starlight (a special week long summer camp for children infected or affected by HIV or AIDS) and I fell in love with Street Yoga’s mission and signed up to volunteer.